PCB Assembly Services for Electronic Systems and Process Control Equipment

EMSG has a long history of providing PCB assembly services for electronics used in industrial process control systems. We offer advanced manufacturing, inspection and testing capabilities as well as a customer-focused approach that reflects your technical needs and your business goals. Our in-house engineers are available to provide consultations at your convenience.

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You can find printed circuit boards in timers, actuators and other control systems used in HVAC equipment and other industrial machinery. Different applications require different technologies, which is why we offer a variety of assembly services. We can provide:

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SMT circuit boards are faster to produce and more cost-effective than conventional thru-hole technology. EMSG manufactures SMT circuit boards to the IPC-A-610 standard in both leaded and ROHS technologies. With an extensive selection of screen printing and placement machines, we can quickly turn around orders.

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Older thru-hole technology remains the standard for many industrial systems. Thru-hole assembly creates strong bonds between components and boards and more durable equipment overall. Thru-hole manufacturing is particularly well-suited for installing larger capacitors and transformers. Though it is often more time-consuming, EMSG has invested in axial insertion machines and other equipment that automate the process without compromising quality control.

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We can help you assess your requirements and determine which technology is best for your application. Because we offer both services, we can provide unbiased advice which enables you to create better products and more accurate prototypes. Get in touch for technical specifications and other details related to our electronic control PCB assembly services.

Electronic Systems & Process Controls

Why Choose EMSG

Outsourcing your electronic assembly needs is more important than ever for today’s business. Why choose EMSG?


We provide top notch customer satisfaction

We provide top notch customer satisfaction

We serve over a dozen industries

We serve over a dozen industries

We value quality on ever order filled

We value quality on ever order filled

We provide quick turnaround times

We provide quick turnaround times

Testing and Inspection Capabilities

When it comes to the electronic control systems that govern industrial equipment, there is no room for error. Reliability issues or product recalls can take a significant toll on your bottom line as well as your reputation. Any company that offers PCB assembly services for industrial or commercial electronics must have appropriate testing equipment and protocols.

At EMSG, extensive testing and inspection capabilities complement our electronic system and process control equipment PCB assembly services. We visually inspect all units under magnification and can provide further testing as your application requires. Some of our services include:

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Our MIRTEC MV-3 machines can detect missing or damaged components, polarity reversals and other issues as well as lead-level defects such as insufficient soldering and bridging.

In-circuit testing checks a PCB for electrical shorts, resistance and capacitance nonconformities, and other fabrication problems. EMSG does functional testing based on customer requirements.

We can also design application-specific testing equipment and routines based on your requirements or use your supplied machinery.

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Contract Manufacturing and Box Build Services

EMSG is a dedicated partner that offers a range of value-added services to electronics and process control system manufacturers. We are unique among PCB assembly companies in that we can provide box build and final assembly for any item. Working from your specifications, we can source enclosures, wiring harnesses and other parts necessary to complete your product. We can then assemble, burn-in and even drop-ship packaged items to their end users.

Contract manufacturing saves you time and money and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all work is being performed in a reputable facility with appropriate transparency and quality control protocols.


EMSG is located in York, PA, and serves industrial clients within a 500-mile radius. Whether you’re in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., or elsewhere in the Northeast, there’s a good chance we can provide fast turnkey PCB assembly services. Our facility is ISO 9001-registered for quality management, and employs scalable, repeatable processes to ensure all units meet our customers’ high expectations.

We have been in business since 1995. In that time we have developed an impressive reputation for customer service and technical expertise. As a leader in PCB assembly for electronic controls, we can recommend the best way to build your product or prototype on-time and on-budget.

The first step is to request a consultation with one of our team members. Call our head offices at 717-764-0002 or use the form on this page to email our team directly.

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