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Marine PCB Assembly Services

From small fishing boats to large ferries, aquatic vessels of all types depend on reliable PCBs to function correctly. Using the right PCBs for your maritime applications is crucial, which is why you need a marine printed circuit board assembly company with extensive experience in your industry.

EMSG has provided PCB assembly services for the maritime industry since 1995. We’re a company dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most reliable products for your unique applications.

Maritime PCB Assembly and Contract Manufacturing

Because so many types of marine equipment depend on reliable printed circuit boards, it’s essential to work with a business that will tailor their PCB manufacturing services to these applications. At EMSG, we’re your trusted source for all types of PCB assembly services for the maritime industry.

As a leading expert in surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly, we ensure that our PCBs are smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than ever. SMT assembly will provide you with the utmost convenience in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional construction. We promise to provide you with surface-mount PCBs that meet or exceed industry standards and quality expectations.

As well as SMT assembly, we can provide thru-hole assembly for all your maritime needs. This older technology provides stronger bonds between circuit boards and their components, which adds exceptional durability and shock-resistance. Thru-hole assembly is ideal for marine technology because of the added security it offers during environmental stress.

Beyond our top-quality marine PCB assembly services, we can also aid you as your contract manufacturing partner. You’ll receive electronics assembly, box build, inspections, testing and final assembly services as well as shipping services to your product’s final destination.

Marine Industry

Why Choose EMSG

Outsourcing your electronic assembly needs is more important than ever for today’s business. Why choose EMSG?

When you require timely services, value and product excellence – CONTACT EMSG!

We provide top notch customer satisfaction

We provide top notch customer satisfaction

We serve over a dozen industries

We serve over a dozen industries

We value quality on ever order filled

We value quality on ever order filled

We provide quick turnaround times

We provide quick turnaround times


More industries than ever are taking advantage of all the benefits of PCBs — including the maritime industry. Their demand is soaring, which is why we offer a broad range of marine PCB manufacturing services for this growing field. Some of the many uses of PCBs in marine use include:

GPS systems are indispensable tools in the marine industry. They allow vessel operators to know their exact location at all times, but they require a top-quality PCB to work properly.

Modern ships carry a vast array of communication equipment that’s vital for normal operations and in case of emergency. Ship operators must be able to depend on their communications systems at all times as well as the PCBs that help them function.

From switchboards to safety systems and condition monitoring solutions, PCBs control nearly every aspect of the engine room.

A ship’s power distribution system must distribute electricity throughout the entire vessel with minimal loss. PCBs help drive this system and ensure that it works as it’s supposed to.

The autopilot assists in controlling and stabilizing the vessel while the ship’s operator focuses on other vital tasks. PCBs are necessary to help the system maneuver, maintain and direct the course.


PCBs play a vital role in ships’ functionality and safety, which is why not just any marine assembly services will do. EMSG is devoted to producing units of the utmost quality and safety, and we continually prove this commitment with full quality control testing at our York, PA, facility. We pride ourselves on being an ISO 9001-registered business, so you can trust that quality control is a fundamental part of our operations.

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